Ideas, Development & Context- Looking at Looking- FINAL submission- Task 4

Saffron Harrison Abbas – 21343318
Graphic Design (Visual communication and illustration)
Ideas, Development & Context- AD40128E
Word count- 288 (Overall word count for final four blog posts-  1,115)







These were the collection of photos I took for the brief ‘Looking at looking’. The topic of reflexivity is fairly complex so I decided to use shadows and play with light and angles. I liked that with shadows you can take a photo of someone or something without actually taking a photo of the real thing. Shadows are merely representation of something. I took these photographs as I was walking around London until I saw an interesting shadow of someone. Most of them are shadows of people doing mundane normal things such as waiting for the bus, waiting to cross the road or queuing up. However it is interesting to try and guess from the shadow who that person could be and what are they doing.

I did a little research into shadows and light and the definition of a shadow is a dark figure or image cast on the ground or some surface by a body/opaque object intercepting light. As a symbol, myth and metaphor shadows can be used to represent different things (not just the  physical object or being it is shadowing). For example The Shadow is expressed as the doppelganger in folklore, or “double walker”. In Psychology, The Shadow represents our alter ego. I liked the idea that when the light is shining at just the right angle it is as if we have another figure of ourselves constantly following us. In my images I took photos at different angles however for most of them I didn’t need to because spending on where the person was standing the shadows came at odd angles and often distorted the figures slightly.




Loop/One shot- FINAL Submission- Task 3

Saffron Harrison Abbas – 21343318
Graphic Design (Visual communication and illustration)
Ideas, Development & Context- AD40128E
Word count- 224


Yarons gif:loop.gif

I decided to follow this idea as a loop as I liked the idea of writing a message and having the message wiped away to show disagreement or a difference of opinions. I specifically chose the debate between Pro-life and pro-choice for abortion as it is a topic that has very strong views either side due to religion and the other for women’s rights.

In recent months in Ealing there has also been a safe/buffer zone law passed due to the non-stop harassment and vigils taking place outside the Marie Stopes abortion clinic building. This means they can protest or stand within 100m of the building.  See:

Therefore I thought this was a relevant political message to try and convey in this looped gif as it repeats the message over and over again but constantly gets wiped away. I did some research into the effects of message repetition and came across a website about how enough repetition, particularly in marketing, makes people believe the message the more it is repeated. It says that ‘Studies suggest that repeated statements are perceived as more truthful than statements made less frequently’ because it gives the statements sense of familiarity and therefore creates a sense of trust within the message.





Ideas, Development and Context- FINAL TASK 2- Personal Space- ‘Underground’.

Saffron Harrison Abbas – 21343318
Graphic Design (Visual communication and illustration)
Ideas, Development & Context- AD40128E
Word count- 392


These are my final set of 7 photos for the brief ‘Personal Space’. The idea behind this was how on any public transport people do not like to sit next to a strangers as they are so close and it invades their personal space. I found on my journeys on the tube people often left huge gaps/space between each other  and leave at least two or more seats between each other if it was really packed.

I then proceeded to take a series of 7 photos showing this common pattern of behaviour that we all do on the tube/underground. I also noticed that in nearly all the photos people are on their phone as it is such an awkward confined space so people don’t want to make eye contact and everyone therefore goes on their phones to distract themselves and keep busy.

I did some further research into personal space to get a better understanding of the topic before I started taking a variety of different photographs  and came across an article on the psychology today website:

This website states that “According to research on the psychology of personal space, the distance around each of us can be divided into 4 zones  The one closest to ourselves is the “intimate” space, and only goes to about 18 inches away from our face. Next out from this central zone is what is technically called the “personal” space, which covers about another 2-1/2 feet to reach a distance of 4 feet away from the tip of the nose. Next is a pretty large zone called “social” space, which goes from 4 to as many as 12 feet away from you.”It also suggest their is a biological reason why we have a need for personal space which they found out by doing a study in which ‘they observed the reactions of a 42-year old woman who had suffered damage to the amygdala on both sides of her brain. In each of 32 separate trials, the subject said that she felt comfortable at any distance, including nose-to-nose.’ From this they understood that lack of an amygdala was involved in this woman’s lack of discomfort at being close to others. Social and cultural norms also have a large role in how people react in certain situations.

Ideas, Development & Context- Final Submission- TASK 1- Portrait/Self-Portrait -‘Family Portrait.’

Saffron Harrison Abbas – 21343318
Graphic Design (Visual communication and illustration)
Ideas, Development & Context- AD40128E
Word count- 211

My Photos:

bag contents portraitcontents of bag 1bag contents 2

These are the collection of photos I managed to produce for the brief  ‘portrait/self-portrait’ which I titled ‘Family Portrait’. I was influenced by Allison Stewarts project called ‘Apocalypse Bags’ where she photographed the entire contents of peoples bags they have saved aside incase of a natural disaster etc. The bag’s contents project and convey what people fear such as war, martial law, natural disaster and it also gives an insight into how they intend to cope.

I took this idea of de-assembling the bags from Allison Stewart and did this for some of my family members. I feel this gives an interesting insight into a persons life and who they are as a person as it shows what they takes as essentials everyday, and also could give hints at what age or gender they might potentially be, whether they are a student or working adult etc..

I neatly assembled the contents of the bags onto a white background so that all the objects could be seen clearly. I included my own bag and its contents as well and also included my Mothers and sisters bags. It was tricky taking the photograph perfectly from  a birds eye view without creating shadows over the objects however I managed to take the photos successfully.

Typography- Poster Design Final update

After carefully considering all the colour experiments I did previously I decided to stick with this one:

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 22.29.23

I slightly lightened the green background so the word ‘Stop’ was more visible. I also adjusted the type design so that on either side there was more space from the edge of the page. I also changed the text at the bottom of the page to white so it is more legible. I feel like this was the right colour to pick as the poster is conveying a serious message and the lighter bright green didn’t convey that same tone. I also think that a darker green goes better with the theme of forests.